Case closed – Der abschließende Finanzbericht wurde akzeptiert!

Valerie schreibt:
„Dear Rotarian Berrang,

I had the opportunity to review the report. The report is complete and TRF can proceed to close the grant.  A formal closure letter will follow shortly to the primary partners. “

Somit ist das Projekt endgültig abgeschlossen!


Am 18. September 2012 folgt eine weitere eMail, die wohl den  „formal closure letter“ darstellt:

„Dear Rotarians Neuber and Berrang,
Thank you for submitting the final report regarding Matching Grant #74337, to help provide machinery to De Madeira Brinquedos, a center for youth wood work vocational training in Ilhabela, SP, Brazil. Your cooperation in fulfilling this requirement is greatly appreciated. As all  required information has been included, the Foundation will mark the file as closed.“

Nun denn, so sei es!

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